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Privacy Policy

The first day of this policy is 25 May 2018.


What are the aspects of this privacy policy?

Your privacy and awareness of what we need your data for is very important to us. Hoster’s Services are highly specialized, we reach a specialized group of recipients, so you can be sure that we do not perform any complex operations on your data and use them in accordance with the purpose of obtaining contact, directing advertising (subject to your consent), and when you are our client to provide services, resulting from the contract in a broad sense. We want you to be clear about how we collect data, how we use it, who we share it with, and where we store it.


The purpose of this privacy policy is to make you aware of this information:

- What information and how we collect about you,

- how we use this information,

- whether and how we make this data available, where we transfer and store this data,

- how we store and secure the data collected in this way,

- as long as we store your data,

- how you can find out what data we have about you and how you can control it,

- other relevant information.


In individual cases, this policy may not cover the full scope of data processing, but if your data is subject to additional processing, you will be notified separately. Such an example is the collection of data of persons entering our Data Center - only those admitted there know what additional data we collect about them and where we store it.


What information do we collect about you?

We only collect information about you that you provide us with yourself. To the extent specified below, we can only supplement it with the company you represent and the position you take in relation to the data posted in public places, such as the company's website, LinkedIn profile, etc.

In case of commercial and marketing contact it is: name, surname, e-mail addresses, telephone numbers, login in communicators for example skype or whatsapp, the company you represent, IP from which the contact was made, the position you take, the source of data acquisition, services you are interested in, a photo placed in the LI profile, which automatically links our CRM system (unless you provide a larger range of data). You can give us this data: by sending an inquiry by e-mail or through any other service such as LinkedIn or Facebook, etc., filling in the contact form on the website, landing page from the advertising campaign, subscribing to the webinar, leaving your data within the Livechat service on the website, transferring data in the form of a business card at a meeting. For contact purposes we use commonly available information, which you place yourself on the Internet in the scope indicated above.


When you are already our customer, we still have the same data, additionally enriched with data necessary for billing, authorization of additional persons to contact us (in particular, indication of technical contacts, billing, payment data), data that you provide during technical support, which we provide for you. In addition, we collect data on what services you have with us to be able to effectively inform you about problems, or changes in these services.

If you are a candidate for a job, we collect data that you will provide us with yourself in your CV, by e-mail or leaving your data in the recruitment service, e.g., and others.


Data is also collected automatically. We collect data that are stored in IT systems when you browse our websites and send us an e-mail. These are ordinary system logs and information that your browser sends when you introduce itself. Data in Google Analytics systems are collected anonymously.


How do we use this information?

Data collected for marketing and commercial purposes are used only for sales contact or advertising campaigns encouraging to participate in our events, presenting interesting content, sending newsletters. For this purpose, we use e-mail, telephone or LinkedIn, Facebook and other services in which you have left publicly available data on your own. We can combine and supplement this data ourselves by browsing through this publicly available data. The data collected in the webinar system is used to notify the webinar itself and to send information to the webinar, and is also collected for future invitations and advertising campaigns.

We also use the collected data, especially e-mail addresses, to target advertisements for Facebook, Google and LinkedIn campaigns.


If you are already our customer, we use the data collected to perform the contract, also to promote new services, change the scope of services provided, encourage participation in our events, send newsletters and important technical information about your services. We also use them to provide technical support.


Do we and how share your data?

We do not share your data with third parties. We only use a tool in which your data can be stored and processed, but these entities only provide us with services through which we process your data. They themselves do not have access to them, nor the right to process them other than the performance of the service provided to us.


These are:

CRM Livespace ( - CRM - sales and marketing services,

Sare ( - system for sending e-mails, newsletters, invitations to webinars, sending interesting materials, mass contact on services provided, e.g. maintenance works,

Livestorm Webinars ( - a tool for Webinars, here you register for a webinar, this data is copied into our CRM,

Livechat ( - a tool with which you can ask a question through the website or leave your details for later contact,

Landings ( - a tool that allows you to create Landing Pages where you can send us your contact details via the contact form,

Leon Sp. z o.o. - collocation of servers with backup copies,

Amazon Web Services, EEA regions - encrypted backups, hosting services available,

We have signed relevant agreements entrusting data processing to the extent necessary for the provision of services with the above entities.


If you are our customer, the detailed conditions are set out in the contract concluded between us.

We do not disclose the data collected in the recruitment process to anyone - however, you leave it alone on the recruitment ads service, if you use it. We do not directly provide personal data to anyone (unless the situation indicated in the last sentence takes place). We also do not make them available outside the EEA (European Economic Area). Possible disclosure of data to third parties can only take place if such a right or obligation results from the generally applicable provisions.


How do we store and safeguard such collected data?

All systems that you connect to and transfer data to and which we connect to have an encrypted https connection. We care regularly that the quality of this connection corresponds to current good practices (the strength of the ciphers used). Access to key systems containing data is also via a VPN connection.


Persons having access to your data are trained in the field of personal data and have appropriate authorizations. We apply the principle of minimizing permissions - only persons for whom it is necessary to perform the assigned tasks have access to the data.


We use our own hosting or implement it as part of Amazon Web Services, copies of data are stored on encrypted volumes, and also encrypted during transmission. We keep copies in a place other than basic data to ensure adequate security.

Computers on which data is processed require logging in, are constantly updated, have anti-virus software, and use the VPN connection to connect to the corporate network. The company's network is closed, requires VPN connection for authorized access, employee networks, public networks and IoT are separate Wi-Fi networks.


We also use additional security measures necessary to ensure data confidentiality.


How long do we store your data?

We store data collected for marketing and commercial purposes until you withdraw your consent or raise an objection regarding the processing of this data.


If you are our control, we store data throughout the service period and after its completion in order to meet the statutory obligations of storing financial and accounting documentation and to protect our own interests, e.g. in contro li to complaints and reservations.


Recruitment data is stored for the purposes of current and future recruitments until you withdraw your consent or raise an objection regarding the processing of this data.


How can you find out what data we have about you and how you can contro lit?


If you want to know what information we have about you, please contact us using one of the contacts at


You can withdraw your consent to data processing at any time in any way that expresses your declaration of intent in this respect, in particular: in writing or by e-mail, i.e. by sending such a request using one of the contacts https: //www.hostersi. pl / contact /. If you do not receive confirmation from us within 5 business days, please contact us via another route - the e-mail may not reach us completely for many reasons and our intention is not to process data against your will and the removal process can only disturb the problem for which we have influence. Lack of confirmation should be an indication that your request has not been received.


Remember the limited right to be forgotten - we can still store the data if it is required by other regulations (e.g. billing data) or if data retention is needed to protect our interests in the future. However, we will store and process them only for this purpose and to the extent necessary.


Other relevant information

The administrator of your data is:

Hostersi Sp. z o.o.


44-200 Rybnik


Remember that every person whose data the Administrator (Hostersi sp.z o.o.) processes has the right to withdraw consent as indicated above and the right to:

  • access to data;
  • rectification of data;
  • requests to delete her data or limit their processing;
  • objecting to further data processing;
  • submitting a complaint to the supervisory authority;
  • data transfer.