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Stress and performance tests

Stress and performance tests

Stress and performance tests of a website allow you to wait for user traffic at peace, not having to worry about availability of the service. When implementing a new service or application, usually we only learn that it manages the traffic after making it public. This can be prevented, weak points of the website can be discovered and we can make sure that it will work well under planned traffic. Load tests often find very serious mistakes that would certainly lead to service performance issues – it is enough that you forgot one simple index in database.

For this we use performance tests. Their goal is to simulate web traffic that usual users make every day.

To conduct a typical performance test we need:

  • test infrastructure on which a test is carried out without overloading production servers,
  • test scenario, that is a path (or paths) which is used by users on the website/application,
  • implementation of test scenarios and their usage,
  • analysis of platform behaviour during the test and of adjustment of the parameters of the test,
  • the report with the test results and recommendations,
  • sometimes multiple re-tests after introduction of amendments, and even many iterations of amendments.

We can take care of all these elements for you.

We prepare both test infrastructure and test scenarios. We will also design the test itself, simulating any scale of traffic. We also have a lot of experience maintaining the platforms on which services and applications are hosted, so you can count on useful information, what to improve and what to change in order to achieve better results.

Why run stress tests?

Tests guarantee that the platform is able to service given traffic. They allow you to adjust your application so that it meets the requirements, and they guarantee that your system will be immune to overload. If you had guidelines on the performance, the performance tests will allow you to achieve them, and if there were no, they can clearly define the limits of the service performance. This allows you to transfer responsibility for decisions of how efficient the service or how large and expensive hosting platform is to be. Only the owner of the website can know what to expect with their website, what are their expectations in terms of performance as it determines the production costs of the application and its maintenance.


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