We specialize in IT services such as server solutions architecting, cloud computing implementation and servers management. We help to increase the data security and operational capacities of our customers.

Cloud management

cloud management

Cloud management is a service consisting of managing a private, public and hybrid cloud, which allows maintaining high resource availability (HA), optimal level of security and easy scalability of resources. This service focuses on monitoring key elements of infrastructure and applications running in cloud environment and their configuration. It allows you to control load of applications and method of storing data. All of this translates into more efficient use of cloud functionalities while maintaining maximal security of resources.

Cloud is now not only a tool to make backup copies, but also a real production environment, which allows you to run environments without investing in costly infrastructure. And given the fact that on average IT companies spend only 11% of their budget on new applications, and the rest on maintaining existing systems and infrastructure, cloud computing appears to be a very interesting solution. Its advantages are appreciated no longer only by the start-up environment, but also by multinational corporations, which more and more often decide to migrate their resources to a cloud because of its great potential and lower costs of data processing. The mere implementation of a cloud is, however, a one thing. Its configuration, management, and optimisation are equally important, as they allow you to fully exploit the potential of cloud computing.

Our speciality, as the official partner of a consulting Amazon Web Services, is, of course, management of the AWS cloud, however we also implement projects related to clouds of other leading vendors. We help in increasing efficiency of cloud usage and obtaining all possible benefits resulting from implementation of cloud computing. Our experience and expertise in cloud computing management have been appreciated by many Polish and foreign customers.

Cloud management includes:

  • configuration and optimisation of cloud environment,
  • supervising security of cloud infrastructure, including creating backup copies,
  • monitoring utilisation of cloud computing and responding to their excessive exploitation,
  • supervising performance of database software installed in a cloud
  • providing high availability of cloud solutions and systems placed in it,
  • providing efficiency of resources scaling,
  • responding to detected anomalies and failures.



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