We specialize in IT services such as server solutions architecting, cloud computing implementation and servers management. We help to increase the data security and operational capacities of our customers.

Migrating to a cloud

migrating to a cloud

Migration to a cloud is a solution for customers who seek highly available, secure and flexible hosting solutions. We develop a strategy for migration to a cloud taking into account customer’s needs, cost analysis, and desired method of data access and its safety. We also help you choose the right set of cloud services, which provide solutions of maximal efficiency. With each implementation we test application performance in the cloud and its possible operations in new environment. We recommend the best practices in the field of migration, supported by our experience and completed projects. We create solutions based on a public, private and hybrid cloud computing. We advise what type of cloud and from which supplier is the best answer to defined needs of a customer.


According to the Gartner report, the companies which will not begin to use computing clouds before 2020 can be compared to organisations that do not have access and do not use the Internet.

We recommend migration to a cloud especially to companies and institutions whose systems and applications are exposed to changing dynamic load. Cloud computing grants a possibility to pay only for used resources and helps to reduce costs while maintaining high performance of services.

As we are at partnership with Amazon, we recommend especially Amazon Web Services cloud. We also cooperate with other cloud suppliers – Azure, Oktawave or e24cloud and others. Our specialists will gladly choose a cloud which best suits your needs and will design and comprehensively carry out migration process.

Migrating to a cloud, that is transferring services to a cloud, above all facilitates:

  • increasing flexibility,
  • reducing business running risks,
  • maintaining high performance of services,
  • increasing data security,
  • ensure compliance with the PCI DSS security standard,
  • reducing costs of maintaining infrastructure.

On the basis of cloud computing Hostersi create reliable and scalable hosting solutions which respond flexibly to current needs of applications and IT systems. We also help in management of cloud computing and ensuring its maximal efficiency.


migrating to a cloud


Migrating to a cloud is above all:

  • designing a scalable cloud solution,
  • configuring appropriate resources in a cloud computing,
  • installing necessary system components,
  • conducting data migration to a cloud,
  • optimisation of resources,
  • selecting proper applications supporting resource management.



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