Migration of Clicktrans.pl application and website to Amazon Web Services

25 October 2021

Migration to Amazon Web Services

Clicktrans.pl is a service connecting individuals and companies looking for transport for large shipments with carriers. Currently, the company cooperates with 76,000 transport providers, and the service scale is constantly increasing throughout Europe.


How does it start?

The main reason the customer contacted us about the infrastructure migration was dissatisfaction with the cooperation with the existing vendor. The infrastructure provided did not provide adequate quality and reliability. This translated into the unstable operation of the Client's application, which had a real impact on reducing sales generated as part of the website. The beginning of our cooperation is the search for the best way to migrate. Despite the initial suggestions of the Client to carry out the whole process only in the "lift & shift" mode, after several meetings, during which we discussed in detail the problems faced by the Clicktrans.pl service, we managed to develop a slightly different approach, which, apart from moving the 1:1 service to AWS, "clouded" and improved the entire infrastructure.

Migration to AWS

As part of the first stage of work, we carried out the migration of the Client's resources, using Amazon EC2 virtual machines and Load Balancers, whose task was to balance the load on the service. At the same time, we exchanged the most critical external tools for services managed by AWS. And so, we replaced the MariaDB database management system with Amazon RDS; we replaced MongoDB with AmazonS3, while instead of the RabbitMQ queuing service, we used Amazon SQS. Despite the Client's initial concerns about the use of AWS managed services after we completed the migration, it turned out that the change of services significantly improved the performance of the infrastructure. The result of the above activities was the launch of the second stage, under which, at the Client's request, we dealt with the migration of all possible services to AWS.

We improve safety and... SEO

In the other part of our cooperation, we launched Amazon CloudFront for Clicktrans.pl, a fast content delivery service (Content Delivery Network). The primary underlying implementation was the desire to improve the position of clicktrans.pl in Google search results by loading the website faster. Amazon  CloudFront works by caching HTML, CSS, JS, and images at the so-called endpoints, which means that they are delivered to the recipient more quickly (the service Clicktrans.pl after launching Amazon CloudFront, loads up to 70% faster), and thanks to this, the page itself is much better rated by Google algorithms, which automatically place it higher in the search results. In addition, Amazon CloudFront helps protect the service from various types of attacks, including DoS and DDoS.


For Clicktrans.pl,  we have carried out the migration of resources to the AWS cloud in the IaC approach and implemented services managed by AWS. We also conducted classes activities aimed at introducing the Client's team to work with the AWS cloud. Finally, we launched the Amazon CloudFront service, whose task is to provide Clicktrans.pl security and improved its position in Google search results. Our actions allowed us to stabilize the work of the application, optimize the costs of infrastructure maintenance thanks to the use of AWS services.



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We are very pleased with the cooperation with Hostersi. Their specialists helped us a lot in the process of migration and designing hybrid infrastructure (Amazon Web Services and on premise). We recommend Hostersi team as a reliable and professional partner with great competence in DevOps and Cloud Computing

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