We specialize in IT services such as server solutions architecting, cloud computing implementation and servers management. We help to increase the data security and operational capacities of our customers.

Server management

server management

Server management is administrative care of the client’s server infrastructure, which may be located in our Data Center, in a cloud or somewhere else. We know what a responsibility it is, therefore we guarantee the security and work continuity of the servers entrusted to us.

Our experienced administrators handle administrative care and manage servers in our own Data Centre and in any location in the world, as designated by the customer (we have under our administrative care the servers located in data centres in Poland, in Europe and at other continents). The physical location of the server is not a barrier to us as we can manage IT infrastructure remotely. Some of the servers which we manage are also located in clouds, such as AWS, Oktawave or Azure.

We watch around the clock every day of the year to ensure uninterrupted operation of systems. During 10 years of our activity we have developed procedures and monitoring tools which allow us to instantly react to even the smallest malfunctions of system functions.


server management

In case of receiving a failure report or detecting it by the monitoring system, we immediately take steps aimed at its removal and restoring correct functions of a system, no matter what time of day it is.
Our customers can at any time consult experienced Hostersi administrators.


As a part of the service of server management we provide:

  • technical care provided by experts with many years of experience in managing major systems in Poland and the world,
  • warranty of reduction of costs related to employing qualified personnel to manage a server,
  • optimal system performance, up to date software, having updates installed on time,
  • regular creating backup copies, stored in a backup centre in a different location,
  • anti-spam and anti-virus mail protection,
  • responding to failures in the 24/7/365 mode.


Managing servers includes activities such as:

  • updating software,
  • installing security fixes and other updates,
  • providing continuous monitoring of server functions performance, server resource utilisation and response times of an application,
  • archiving data,
  • optimising configuration,
  • adjusting server configurations to the current trends and best practices.


By entrusting us with server management, you can focus on your basic task, that is running your business. With us, your key data will always be safe!


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