We specialize in IT services such as server solutions architecting, cloud computing implementation and servers management. We help to increase the data security and operational capacities of our customers.

IT Infrastructure Design

IT infrastructure design is a strategic area for every system and application. We help in choosing the right environment,  designing, implementing and managing on-premise, cloud and hybrid infrastructure.


Fast and efficient data flow, good communication, the possibility to use shared resources, data protection against loss is a standard that should be borne in mind when designing or modernizing any IT infrastructure. In order for the infrastructure to meet the expectations of our clients, we analyze their needs, select appropriate solutions, comparing the offer of the most popular suppliers in Poland and abroad. A well-designed IT infrastructure will support both virtualized and containerized systems as well as more traditional systems based on bare metal.

We design environments:


- hybrid - combines local resources with public cloud services,

- cloud based on the most important cloud vendors: Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, OVHcloud,

- multicloud - employing the computing power of several clouds. This solution allows the selection of the most optimal solutions for a given project, available in the range of services offered by public cloud providers,

- serverless - the FaaS model (Function as a Services), which allows you to create secure, high-availability and scalable IT systems without the need to design a network infrastructure and manage a virtual machine farm.

By applying modular design principles, we reduce the effect of "single point of failure" (SPOF), which makes it easier to change, upgrade or remove components and systems without additional downtime and the increased costs associated with such projects. By using automated reporting tools, we can respond quickly to problems, even before symptoms occur. Carefully maintaining documentation, we care about protecting our clients' projects throughout the entire support period. Caring for the security of server resources, we implement a Backup Service solution, which consists in constantly making backup copies of data in two independent locations. When designing, we pay attention to high availability (HA) for infrastructure, ensuring possible uninterrupted operation of services

By implementing infrastructure management automation tools that are fully saved in a file and stored as a code that can be versioned and shared information about changes with the team. Design automation allows you to ensure the implementation of self-healing IT infrastructure. Building a self-healing IT infrastructure capable of automatically performing routine tasks significantly speeds up execution administrative tasks. We help to create appropriate technical conditions for the designed system so that they meet the GDPR regulatory requirements. We sign contracts to entrust the processing of personal data, both for resources located in us and in any location in the world. We have signed contracts with large infrastructure suppliers or help in obtaining them. We also design infrastructures that meet the PCI DSS Compliance and HIPPA ISO standards.

Our design philosophy is based on the assumption that your investment must be efficient throughout the entire life cycle of the application!

Our services include:


  • collecting and analyzing customer technical requirements,
  • assessment and planning of IT infrastructure needs,
  • project review and validation,
  • developing technical specifications,
  • developing a technical design and work documentation,
  • development of operational documents,
  • infrastructure implementation management,
  • reliable protection of data systems
  • ensuring high performance (HA)