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Tipmedia’s new infrastructure in AWS

22 March 2019



New infrastructure in AWS proved to be the best solution for the Tipmedia Group to ensure the stability of customer services and support increased user traffic. This is how we created Timpedia’s infrastructure in Amazon Web Services, at the same time solving efficiency problems of websites included in Tipmedia’s portfolio.


Tipmedia is a group of independent newspaper publishers, Internet portals, radio and television broadcasters. It provides ready-made solutions for the media: web portal, mobile application and content management system.



The client’s old infrastructure consisted of five dedicated servers, each of which worked as a universal LAMP. The client portals were distributed among these servers, which caused problems with increased traffic. Due to the uneven distribution of traffic between servers, some of them were heavily loaded in relation to the rest. In addition, the fact that the DirectAdmin panel managed to complicate the problem, effectively excluding the possibility of implementing dedicated solutions aimed at shortening the time of portals’ loading.




The solution to the problem was the migration of the client to the cloud infrastructure of Amazon Web Services, which is able to scale. The application was to be served from self-scaled WEB instances, static files were to be stored in Object Storage, and a cache based on Redis to ensure “statelessness”. Due to the client’s plans of expansion into the U.S. market and good practices, the implementation was carried out in the IaC methodology based on Terraform/Ansible/Packer solutions.


migration to aws

Project of the new infrastructure in AWS


Amazon Web Services solutions

EC2 – the infrastructure is based on WEB instances. They serve portals within the self-scaling group.
RDS – the infrastructure uses Aurora MySQL. The application uses endpoint writer for all writes, and endpoint reader for readings. Cluster has enabled automatic scaling based on database load.
ElastiCache – the infrastructure uses Redis to store the application cache.
DynamoDB – the client also uses DynamoDB on their own.
S3 – used to store static files including an external CDN service
CodeDeploy – responsible for deployment is CodeDeploy together with the code repository.
CloudWatch – within Terraform alarms are created in CloudWatch, which in turn are integrated with our Nagios to monitor key metrics.


External services and applications used in the project

CDN – as agreed with the client, all static files are served from S3 and CDN/cache is provided to minimize costs.


Migration to AWS Tipmedia services. Benefits

Thanks to the new infrastructure and scalability in Amazon Web Services, Tipmedia services are prepared to handle increased traffic without the risk that any of the services will stop working. The new infrastructure also ensures stable operation and ongoing monitoring. Thanks to this, the customer can concentrate on the development of their business, without worrying about the technical aspects of maintaining their services.


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