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Cybersecurity testing

Cybersecurity testing

Black Security Box cybersecurity testing allow you to check the vulnerability of IT resources to external attacks. Penetration testing methodology Black Box puts a look “from the outside” on tested application, which is often a fairly accurate reflection of activities of a potential hacker. This service is dedicated to companies and institutions, which particularly care about excellent data protection. Thanks to testing, you get detailed information about the security gaps in resources, together with recommendations of how to improve security, which allows you to minimize business risks related to possible hacker attacks and leakage of important data.

Bet on cybersecurity

For conducted Black Security Box tests we charge in a success fee system, we do not charge fees if tests reveal only a low resources susceptibility to external attacks.
Security testing is a one-time expenditure of a few hundred to several thousand złoty. The price of the service depends primarily on the type and size of examined IT resources.

Black Security Box cybersecurity tests

Proposed by us Black Security Box tests reflect to the greatest extent actual knowledge of a potential hacker, as they are carried out without testers knowing much about analysed resources.

How do Black Security Box tests work?

By simulating external attacks, our experts examine security status of your data. They indicate potential vulnerabilities and propose solutions to minimize business risks related to possible hacker break-ins. The results of the work are presented in the final report assessing potential business risks.

How are tests being carried out?

All works are carried out remotely via the Internet. They are performed according to the original methodology of our experts, based on the OWASP methodology, international and national standards and regulations concerning system security.

Why should you care about cybersecurity with Hostersi?

The Black Security Box proposal of cybersecurity tests is based on the expertise and experience of our professionals who have competence in the field of security and IT management, confirmed by prestigious certificates. Our competence is also proved by numerous references from our customers. Our competence was verified by numerous offices and public institutions. Try now ⇒


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