Hybrid infrastructure for Open'er Festival

20 November 2019

Hybrid infrastructure

Hybrid infrastructure for Open'er Festival turned out to be the best solution to handle online ticket sales for this event and ensure the adequate performance of the festival website, regardless of the number of Internet users visiting it. Check how we did it!


The Open’er Festival is one of the most famous and largest Polish music festivals. The beginnings of the Open'er Festival date back to 2002. In 2003, the festival moved to Gdynia. On Kościuszko Square, fans could hear Cassius, Kosheen, Layo & Bushwacka concerts! Kosciuszko Square began to get too tight, so in 2006 the festival was moved to Babie Doły - Kosakowo airport.

Each year, the event gathers tens of thousands of viewers as well as stars of the world and Polish music scene. The event is organized by the Alter Art concert agency. During each subsequent edition of the festival, a huge challenge is to handle the online sale of tickets for this event, prepare the infrastructure for a sudden increase in user traffic and ensure continuity of service during the event.


The main problem was the preparation of a stable and efficient infrastructure that would allow us to withstand the first sales peak and ensure the stability of operation during the festival itself. Until now, the Open'er Festival website was hosted on an infrastructure of virtual servers, whose resources, if necessary, had to be increased manually. Since the site contained a lot of static elements such as photos, graphics, multimedia, they generated a heavy load of servers.

Solution - hybrid infrastructure for Open'er Festival

With a view to ensuring high performance, we proposed creating a hybrid infrastructure based on the Amazon Web Services cloud. The entire database backend remained on virtual servers, and given the multitude of static files, we moved the frontend to S3 (Simple Storage Service) storage. The main functionality of S3 is storage and easy access to any amount of data, which combined with high availability and scalability were the perfect solutions for the needs of the Open'er Festival.

hybrid infrastructure for Open'er Festival

At its peak, the festival website noted an increase in user visits by as much as 1500% compared to the "normal period", while maintaining its original performance.

Business Benefits

The creation of a hybrid infrastructure using Amazon Web Services allowed for trouble-free service of traffic on the Open'er Festival website, ensuring the business continuity of the event and achieving sales indicators.

Customer Recommendation

The Hostersi team did a great job! The company cares about the efficiency and security of our services, always provides help and perform development work on an ongoing basis. We highly recommend Hostersi as a reliable and trustworthy business partner.



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We are very pleased with the cooperation with Hostersi. Their specialists helped us a lot in the process of migration and designing hybrid infrastructure (Amazon Web Services and on premise). We recommend Hostersi team as a reliable and professional partner with great competence in DevOps and Cloud Computing

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