Modento’s digital transformation to meet HIPPA requirements using AWS

14 August 2020

Modento’s digital transformation to meet HIPPA requirements using AWS

Cloud can provide a convenient solution to meeting many different, often stringent requirements. Modento, who operates an application supporting dental clinic operations, decided to transform their business through AWS to meet HIPAA requirements and increase the availability of their services.



Modento is a software solution for dental centers that allows managing patient records, eliminates paper forms, and provides comprehensive communication tools for patients via mobile application, SMS channels and E-Mail.



The existing solution was running on a traditional VPS-centric configuration, with no HA and auto-scaling and has become one of the main obstacles for the client's business growth. Another key requirement was the need to meet the HIPAA requirements, which are a necessity for business offering services in the medical industry. To facilitate the requirements, the decision was made to provision Hostersi with a digital transformation project utilizing AWS and Docker.



The project was implemented following a DevOps model in which we focus on constant and ongoing testing, monitoring proposed changes and communication with the business and development teams. The solution we proposed was to set up a Fargate cluster that was compatible with the current solution used by the Customer. Docker images were first moved to the ECR repository and finally downloaded and deployed in Fargate. This allowed us to divide the application into several smaller containers embedded in separate websites. Each service was autonomous with added autoscaling and HA. The solution we implemented allows for a failure-free operation of the service with a total of 531 GB of data transferred each month.

Modento’s digital transformation to meet HIPPA requirements using AWS


Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS) - container management for AWS Fargate

AWS Fargate(is a serverless compute engine for containers that works with both Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS) and Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS)) – autoscaling group of containers and workers for the job queue

Amazon ECR Repositories - repository of docker images, the tool is also used for monitoring repositories, 

EC2(Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud - a service that provides variable computing capacity in the cloud – several multi-purpose instances, including one for infrastructure management.

Elastic Load Balancing – traffic pass-through and redirection to appropriate services.

Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS) – MariaDB instance with multi AZ deployment

Elasticsearch Service – in line with HIPAA requirements, all data is collected by the Elasticsearch Service which is launched in Multi A-Z mode to maintain High Availability

S3 – static application elements store

Amazon EC2 Systems Manager Parameter Store – stores the docker environment values such as passwords, database strings, URL's etc.

CloudFront – used for content caching

Amazon Simple Queue Service – used to queue services and included in monitoring

Route 53 – DNS service handling project’s domain names.

Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS) - separation of application microservices


AWS architecture diagram

Modento’s digital transformation to meet HIPPA requirements using AWS

Business benefits

Basing the transformation on AWS, and implementing concepts such as continuous integration and continuous delivery allowed meeting requirements for HIPAA certification, which were necessary to continue the provision of the Modento service. The addition of Fargate allowed the customer to focus on application development and service used made it possible to increase security and achieve HA through the introduction of separated services. The solution implemented by us enables failure-free operation of services, where the monthly transfer is 531 GB.




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We are very pleased with the cooperation with Hostersi. Their specialists helped us a lot in the process of migration and designing hybrid infrastructure (Amazon Web Services and on premise). We recommend Hostersi team as a reliable and professional partner with great competence in DevOps and Cloud Computing

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